Do you invest directly in projects?
No, we do not invest directly in projects, but we do connect entrepreneurs with investors and incubators who can invest in them.
Are you a business incubator?
No, while we are considering becoming one, we are not yet.
How can I contact you?

You can contact us in our Contact section.

I want to work with you! How can I do it?

We are happy that you want to work with us, but before, we must mention that at the moment everyone on the team is a volunteer, so we do not offer paid positions. If you are still interested, you can see the positions we have open in:

What benefits do I get if I volunteer with Space Latam?

Among the benefits are counted; That you will be able to work in the area of ​​your interest, be it marketing, IIRR, or research among others. We have preferential access to various events in the scientific community, entrepreneurship and discounts for courses and seminars (even sometimes free of charge). You will also have access to an international community of space entrepreneurs and specialists ranging from technicians and scientists working for various universities and agencies to astronauts.